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Highlights December 2023 proof – Polled Sires

AI-Total has a large portfolio of great Polled Sires available for you. Hereby we would like to highlight the top GTPI Polled Sires to you.

Polled Black & White Genomic Sires:

515HO00446 DG HAROLD P 
(Captain x Charl): is 'A Game Changer' for the POLLED breed ranking in the absolute top of POLLED GTPI bulls at GTPI +3077. One of the highest GTPI bulls in the breed to combine >2300 MILK and >0.4 Daughter Pregnancy Rate. Exceptional Udders (+1.74 UDC) with great F&L (+0.62 FLC) and Beta-Casein A2A2. Harold-P transmits sloped and wide Rumps: +1.74 Thurl Width and is ROBOT-ready with optimum teat placement and 108 Milking speed in Canada. He comes from a fantastic cow family, his mother produced at her top >132lbs Milk / day in her 2nd lactation and she goes back on the former European Champion cow Batke Outside Kora EX-94-DE! HAROLD P is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus) under the AIDol ERS contract.

515HO00447 CASTILLO *P: is one of the leading POLLED sires in the breed at +2980 GTPI. Which makes this Beta Casein A2A2 sire unique is his high production traits (+2097 Milk) & high components in combination with high type (+1.26 PTAT) and +975 Net Merit $. His daughters would be easy to breed back with +0.5 DPR and sustainable cows (+0.4 LIV / +4.4 PL). He brings medium stature, dairy character, strength, and wide and sloped rumps with an optimum set of legs. He is a Captain son going back on Larcrest Cosmopolitan and is available conventional and in the most advanced sex-sorted semen (UltraPlus) under the AIDol ERS contract.

Polled Red & White Genomic Sires:

515HO00381 S.J.K. I AM RED & PP (Solitair P-Red x Powerful PP *RC): is the solution as a R&W and homozygote polled bull! He is Beta-Casein A2A2, Kappa Casein BB, ROBOT ready (with perfect teat placement, positive Teat Length and 106 Milking Speed (DE). I Am Red is suitable to use on heifers with 2.0% SCE and provides daughters which are easy to breed back at +0.1 DPR, lots of milk (+1168 Milk) and great type (+1.14 PTAT). He is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

Polled Red Carrier Genomic Sires:

515HO00384 Mr Aija Mirand MOOI P *RC (Mirand x King Doc x Commander): is one of the leading Mirand sons in the breed! He provides superb udders (+2.98 UDC) with lots of milk (+966 Milk) and wide and sloped rumps with positive teat length. He comes from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy EX-92 GMD DOM family. Mooi P *RC is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

For more info and availabilty of the bulls, please ask your AI-Total distributor.

Gen Heidi P VG-88-NL - dam to HAROLD P
* One the picture 6 weeks fresh in 2nd lacation, with a current day production of >60 kg Milk / day!