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MITCHELL 4 STAR fertility bull

Agri Tech Analytics is a certified Dairy Records Processing Center. Part of the U.S. DHIA System, AgriTech Analytics provides data to dairy producers for management, genetic improvement and pedigree purposes. Agri Tech publishes actual fertility numbers on bulls using the Agri Tech Software.

Each month ATA processes the dairy records for over 900,000 cows. Through this data ATA calculates the actual Conception Rates on bulls being used by dairymen providing data. Bulls are ranked using STARS with the bulls with the highest conception rates getting 5 STARS and those with the lowest conception rates only 1 STAR.

515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL has now earned 4 STARS (4 out of 5 stars) based on 753 inseminations on 14 different farms! In addition to his faultless profile, both in terms of type and production and the daughters who perform everywhere, his semen also remains very fertile.

515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL is available conventional and sexed in UltraPlus through your AI Total distributor!