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Four AI TOTAL US sires in the GLOBAL Top 200 TPI Genomic Young Bulls

515HO00426 Gen PERCIVAL (Captain x Gymnast) (+3114 GTPI) you'll find in the Top 20! He excels in extreme high production figures (+2127 Milk / +0.13% Fat / +0.03% Protein), Beta-Casein A2A2 in combination with healthy udders (2.77 SCS / +1.6 Mastitis Index) and great type (+1.56 PTAT) with medium stature, positive teat length and a very balanced profile. This bull comes from an OUTCROSS German-branch of the Dyks Durham Candy cow family. Percival is available conventional and in the most advanced sex-sorted semen (UltraPlus).

515HO00416 DG PEACE (Captain x Redrock) provides +3054 GTPI and is a perfect production improver: +1861 Milk / +0.14% Fat and +0.07% Protein. He adds genetic gains with outstanding +1118 NM$ and +191 Combined Fat + Protein. This Beta-Casein A2A2 sire is also a calving ease specialist with his 1.5% SCE. Peace is ROBOT ready with providing a wider teat placement and optimum udder depth. Peace is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

515HO00421 DG EL COMPLETO (Captain x Redrock) (+3049 GTPI) is the full brother to Peace and shows use great figures to! He is a real production specialist (+1740 Milk / +0.11%F / +0.03%P), Beta-Casein A2A2 with healthy udders (2.78 SCS / +1.7 Mastitis Index) and cows which are also easy to bread back with +1.5 DPR. El Completo will deliver sustainable cows with +5.7 Productive Life and +1.7 Livability. This bulls comes from a VG-86 2yr. Redrock dam backed by Simple-Dreams MD Candi VG-89. El Completo is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).

515HO00420 DG SPACE: the GLOBAL #2 TPI sire in the breed at +3166 GTPI. This Captain sons excels in high production traits (+1212 Milk / +0.24% Fat / +0.09% Protein) in combination with amazing health traits (2.71 SCS / +5.0 PL), cows which are easy to bred back (+1.6 DPR) and Beta-Casein A2A2. SPACE is suitable to use on heifers with just 1.2%!! Sire Calving Ease. He will be available under the ERS-contract.

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