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MITCHELL results

515HO00318 Aurora MITCHELL EX-91-CAN (Mitchell x Bombero): This OUTCROSS daughter proven sire keeps surprising and has absolutely no limit as now being the #10 GTPI Age Rank bull at +2798 GTPI! Mitchell adds 460 daughters to his production proof and 227 daughters to his TYPE proof. Mitchells are very sustainable cows (+0.9 LIV / +3.6 PL), which are easy to breed back (+0.7 DPR), have healthy udders (2.67 SCS) and great TYPE (+2.43 PTAT) with medium stature, amazing udders (+1.70 UDC) and positive teat length. He is suitable to use on heifers with 1.9% SCE and is available conventional and sexed (UltraPlus).