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The new indexes for August 2022 are out and the AI Total US website has been updated. Click here for the complete lineup of bulls.

Some very exciting news for the AI Total US bulls, some quick highlights:

  • Welcome IN OUR WORLD at GTPI +3059, PTAT +1.82 with UDC +1.98, tremendous fitness traits and a 100% type linear. He debuts as one of the most complete sires in the top of the GTPI ranking
  • Gen PERCIVAL increase on GTPI to +3044 with +1801 Milk and super udder health, PTAT +1.75 with exception Feet & Legs (FLC +1.32) and positive Teat Length
  • Wet Faneca MADMAN at GTPI +2996, fantastic health traits and solid type
  • The #1 GTPI King Doc son is available now at AI Total -  DO IT NOW with a  GTPI of +2941 and +2.59 PTAT
  • Siemers HAVE IT ALL increased again and is >2800 GTPI with +3.57 PTAT. His progeny looks amazing!
  • Another very stable run for Aurora MITCHELL, with the addition of plenty of new milking daughters he's still one of the most popular daughter proven sires in the breed with a tremendous balanced proof.
  • DG NH ARROW daughters are impressing all around the world and he’s maintained his elite PTAT combined with plenty of milk.

    These are just a few quick highlights, much more news will be followed over the next few days!