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LUCAS improves components and health traits!

515HO00395 Pine-Tree LUCAS, is a huge improver in components (+0.21%F and +0.09%P) and he also adds the Kappa Casein BB gene. LUCAS gives low somatic cells (2.63 SCS) and high scores for productive live (+4.8 PL) and a positive daughter pregnancy rate (0.9 DPR).

LUCAS will sire medium-sized, well-balanced cows with a correct set of legs (+0.17 RLS) and a desired Rump Angle (+0.74). He also gives cows with udders that are perfectly suited for robot milking,  scoring +0.19 Front teat placement and +0.10 Rear teat placement while the udders are attached high (+1.11 RUH) and wide (+1.09 RUW).

Sexed and conventional semen from LUCAS is available. Order your LUCAS semen with your AI Total distributor today!